Someone Made An Elden Ring GeoGuessr Game

Someone Made An Elden Ring GeoGuessr Game

Where in the world are you, Tarnished?
Image: FromSoftware / Kotaku

If you played Elden Ring and are a fan of the wildly popular GeoGuessr game genre—in which you’re dropped into a Google Street View and tasked with pinpointing your location—then you may want to thank Redditor u/TheEdenChild. They recently announced they’d created an Elden Ring-based take on GeoGuessr which has over 8,000 locations for you to guess from, and hoo boy is it a lot of fun.

The new game, which is free-to-play in your browser, lets you jump into either single- or multiplayer games on the full map or more specific locations like Altus Plateau, Caelid, and Limgrave. At first, I thought it was rather easy, as my first two guesses were relatively close to their actual locations on the map. Then, however, I was dropped onto a foggy ridge and had no clue where the hell this was in-game, and I ended up dropping my pin leagues away from the proper location. Cue me doggedly trying to beat my high score for the next half-hour, rapidly restarting the game after each go in an attempt to best myself.

This particular GeoGuessr dupe (there are several others available on, including ones for Skyrim, Fortnite, and Genshin Impact) was created by capturing “hundreds of thousands of raw images before stitching them together to create the 360-degree panoramas,” according to the Redditor, who worked with one other person on the project. “We also created a semi-decent satellite map of the world,” they said, “to allow more accurate guesses (if you zoom in enough, you can see animals). We also have custom settings, leaderboards, and multiplayer support, with plans to add more features in the future!”

Personally, aside from trying to prove that I do, in fact, have a good sense of direction, I very much enjoyed dropping into a spot and seeing what kinda freaky creatures were frozen in place there. The dragon on the bridge overlooking Caelid was the best one so far.

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