Someone Recreated The Entire Halo 1 End Level In Halo Infinite

Someone Recreated The Entire Halo 1 End Level In Halo Infinite

The fantastic and famous final level of the original Xbox classic Halo: Combat Evolved features the Master Chief driving a Warthog as he tries to escape the Pillar of Autumn spaceship before it explodes. And now this iconic ending has been fully recreated by one player in Halo Infinite Forge.

When Halo Infinite launched in December 2021, it came bundled with a satisfying campaign and a solid free-to-play multiplayer experience. However, over the last two years, the game has suffered from lengthy content droughts, a lack of updates, and issues with its progression system and economy. But late last year, things improved when 343 Industries officially released Forge and added a custom game browser, letting more people play the cool stuff folks were building in the impressively advanced level creator. And now you can add this recreated Halo finale to that ever-growing list of cool shit made in Forge.

Created by KingNoithing20055 and uploaded around Christmas, this recreation of Halo’s big, bombastic Warthog run is impressively accurate and appropriately large. It features all the big jumps, tight turns, tunnels, and gaps as seen in the original Warthog run and even ends the same way, with you jumping out of the vehicle and running to a parked starship at the tail end of the ship’s hangar. Really the only thing this recreation is missing is some enemy Flood running around and blowing up right as you land, flipping your Warthog, and ruining your speedrun right at the end.

Here’s a video of the whole run being played with others via Sigma Halo on YouTube.

Sigma Halo / 343 Industries / Xbox

If you want to download and play this rad recreation in Halo Infinite yourself, you can find the level here on the official Halo Waypoint site. Even better, this new custom-made remake supports multiplayer, too, letting you and your friends race to the end. Or ram each other off the large ramps at every gap in the level because, well… come on, it’s too fun not to do that.

Watching people play this recreation, I’m reminded of two things: One, that the end of Halo was awesome. And two, it wasn’t until many, many years after playing Halo Combat Evolved that I realized that Warthog run at the end doesn’t make any sense. It’s far too long and big to fit inside the Pillar of Autumn, as explained in this video. It just goes to show you that if something is cool enough, nobody will care much if it’s physically impossible

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