Souls-Like Shooter Taking Over Steam Only Going To Get Better

Souls-Like Shooter Taking Over Steam Only Going To Get Better

If Remnant II wasn’t on your radar before, it should be now. The sequel to a surprisingly great 2019 Souls-like shooter is even better than the original, breaking out on Steam at launch despite reports of bugs, performance issues, and, at least on PlayStation 5, problems with co-op. The studio behind it, Gunfire Games, is now promising to address those issues and more as it celebrates the community’s “overwhelming positive response” so far.

Imagine Gears of War meets Dark Souls with some loot thrown in and you have a pretty good idea of what Remnant II is all about. You play as a post-apocalyptic survivor who has to fight through a multiverse playground filled with monsters to save humanity. It’s a grim grind that’s hard to put down thanks to constantly shifting environments, new secrets to discover, really crunchy combat, and three-player co-op, at least when everything is working right.

“We know that encountering bugs and glitches can be frustrating and can hinder your excitement for the game,” development director Ben Gabbard posted on Steam on July 27. “We take these issues incredibly seriously, and our team is working to identify and address these issues as quickly as possible.” He mentioned Gunfire has already addressed snags blocking players’ progress in Labyrinth level, Nightweaver’s Web event beneath the Asylum, , and the Water Harp puzzle in the Forbidden Grove, but more updates are on the way:

  • Improving overall performance
  • Addressing crashes and issues with higher end systems
  • Addressing issues with the trait system
  • Other Progression blockers and missing items
  • And other fixes!

On console, one of the bigger hiccups is the multiplayer. “Quick update on the PS5 co-op issues: While it does work for some of you, others can’t join or invite their friends,” the studio tweeted yesterday. “Rest assured that we’re still working to get this fixed for everybody. Thank you for your patience!” Notably, Remnant II also didn’t launch with crossplay, a surprising absence in the year 2023, especially for a game with such an emphasis on squadding up with pals. It’s not clear yet when it will be added, if at all.

None of that has stopped the game from skyrocketing up the charts, however. Remnant II is currently the ninth highest game on Steam when it comes to total concurrent players, just behind Rust. That’s roughly double what the first game launched with. The sequel’s timing couldn’t have been better either, sneaking in just ahead of Baldur’s Gate III on August 3.


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