Stardew Valley’s Next Update Includes New Festival And…Secrets?

Stardew Valley’s Next Update Includes New Festival And…Secrets?

The developer threw the community a bone.
Image: ConcernedApe

Fans of pixel-art farming simulator Stardew Valley just got another tease about what to expect from the upcoming 1.6 update. While we still don’t know when it will release, developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone tweeted on July 17 that the patch will include another festival and more dialogue.

The next update will also feature new items and “secrets,” according to the creator’s somewhat ambiguous message. The game already has a bunch of small easter eggs for players to discover, so the new content could be in line with that. Adding to the mystery of what “secrets” could be coming, ConcernedApe ended his list of what to expect from version 1.6 with just three question marks.

The addition of a new festival is also exciting, as the once-a-year events become staples of their respective seasons. Festivals are scheduled events Mayor Lewis invites you to. The optional events are marked on the calendar and usually take several hours or nearly the entire day. The best part? Animals are automatically fed, meaning you can truly kick back and kiki with the other villagers.

Though much of patch 1.6 remains under wraps, ConcernedApe said last year that the update would “mostly” benefit modders and that the content changes won’t be as extensive as they were with 1.5. The dev confirmed as much again in April of this year and announced he was taking a step back from working on the spookier confection maker Haunted Chocolatier to work on the 1.6 patch.

Stardew Valley’s last major update, December 2020’s 1.5 patch, introduced the Ginger Island location, a beach farm layout, additional modding support, new animals and crops, and split-screen local coop, along with other changes.


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