Street Fighter 6 Is Already Steam’s Most Played Fighting Game

Street Fighter 6 Is Already Steam’s Most Played Fighting Game

The latest entry in Capcom’s fighting game franchise, Street Fighter 6, broke the all-time concurrent players record on Steam making it the most-played fighting game at launch on PC. I guess it’s safe to say that “CapGod” is so back.

Street Fighter 6 released today for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. According to Street Fighter 6’s SteamDB page, the fighter hit an all-time peak of 65,873 players. For comparison, its predecessor Street Fighter 5 only hit an all-time peak of 14,783 players when it released back in 2016.

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Street Fighter 6’s player count doesn’t just make it the most-played fighting game in its own franchise, it’s also got more players at launch on PC than series rival Tekken 7 (18,966) and more than NetherRealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat X (15,743) and Mortal Kombat 11’s (35,147) all-time peak player numbers according to SteamDB.

For posterity, concurrent players on Steam are the number of people playing a video game at any given moment. An all-time peak is the highest number of players a game has ever had, which usually occurs on or around release day. As of the time of writing this literal paragraph, Street Fighter 6’s all-time peak increased to 66,264 players. That’s a lot of players.


Street Fighter 6’s Steam reviews currently sit at “very positive” with a fair share of fans leaving flattering reviews thirsting after its base character roster, poking fun at Ryu’s lack of technical skills (on a cell phone), and praising how good the fighting game’s rollback netcode feels.

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In our review of Street Fighter 6, which was played on a PlayStation 5, Kenneth Shepard said the game’s “energetic street fights” as well as its “filthy visual flair” made it feel like a “full, complete game from the start, that won’t need to be fixed and extended with endless updates later.”


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