STRFKR brings pop-dance sound back to Omaha
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STRFKR brings pop-dance sound back to Omaha

By Katelyn Sonderman,

Now! Omaha has teamed up with One Percent Productions to provide you with some of the most up to date reports on the Omaha music scene.

Thursday night, STRFKR made its return to Omaha. The band, which formed in 2007, has been touring steadily since the release of their 2013 album “Miracle Mile.” The band tries to not take life seriously, and this is evident even in their name, which pokes fun at stereotypical groupies of the music industry.

STRFKR lead singer Joshua Hodges knows how to write a good pop song, but the group’s dance music beats also provide dancing opportunities. Besides the music itself, audiences come for the live spectacle that their shows have come to be.

Hodges describes the group’s shows as “a non-stop dance party that features costume changes, streamer guns, astronauts, aliens, and sumo wrestlers in addition to a giant inflatable raft that the band and their dancers ride through their sweat drenched crowds.”

The show Thursday night did not disappoint. STRFKR packed the room with bright LED panels helping to provide ambiance to the dance beats that kept the crowd entertained, and as I watched people excitedly dance around dressed in animal onesies and other oddities, it’s interesting to see a band that encourages the audience to actively participate in the spectacle.

The music sounded amazing, and the crowd was moved by the deeper lyrics that the band likes to sneak in to their upbeat and poppy sounds. They are definitely an act you do not want to miss, and I highly recommend checking them out next time they swing through Omaha.

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