Tears Of The Kingdom Duplication Glitch Found

Tears Of The Kingdom Duplication Glitch Found

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is a big game set on a huge open world, and its codebase must be straining at all times to keep track of everything that’s going on. Which probably explains why it doesn’t matter how many times Nintendo patches the game to remove a resource glitch, people just keep on finding new ones.

The latest—which has been confirmed to work on every existing version of the game, from those still clinging by their fingertips to 1.0 to those running the latest update—revolves around the idea that you can trick the game into giving you loads of valuable resources by turning big hunks of meat into a weapon, then taking that weapon with you to the snow.

That’s the concise version of what you need to do, of course. The full process is a bit more involved than that, as you can see in this nine-minute video by Austin John Plays below:

How to get reach real quick selling frozen meat

Or, for a much quicker version, here’s the text. Essentially, you need to make two meat weapons by attaching raw produce to sticks—ideally gourmet meat given its value—then glue two of those weapons together using ultrahand. Once you’ve done that, you can use autobuild to ctrl+c, ctrl+v until you’ve built 21 meat clubs (the most the game can remember and place at any one time) and fused them all together.

Once you’ve built that 21-meat salute, it’ll be stored in your autobuild. You then need to equip another meat club as your primary weapon, travel somewhere cold and wait/sleep at a fire until your weather forecast is all snow. Once it is, you need to watch your equipped meat club; if after walking away from the fire it freezes and drops off, then you’re good to go.

Simply start the process of rebuilding the meat slab from your autobuild, but don’t actually build it, just keep it hovering inside the purple circle; after a second or two all the meat will freeze and drop off onto the ground, and at 40 rupees a pop, the faster you can half-build-freeze-gather, the more money you’ll be able to collect. As Austin says, a full stack will sell for 39960 rupees in as quick as eight minutes, so if you’re short on cash it’s definitely worth your time.

Given Nintendo’s previous urgency in patching this kinda stuff out of an…offline singleplayer game, you might want to get on this sooner rather than later!

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