Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Are Doing Things That Seem Impossible

Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Are Doing Things That Seem Impossible

This New Item Completely BREAKS The Game.. Tears of The Kingdom New Railing Build Guide & How to Get

Bugs in Tears of the Kingdom are being zapped faster by Nintendo than a Rentokil employee on his first day, so you might want to take advantage of this freshly discovered oddity before the next update. A collection of players (all credited in the video above) have worked together to discover a peculiar railing found in one section of the Depths, that has mysterious and unique properties. Properties that allow it to be one of the most useful items in building flying machines.

Extraordinarily, it’s gathered by visiting the Great Abandoned Central Mine in the Depths, and attaching stabilizers to the sides of those elevator platforms that are found in each corner. Doing this breaks off a section of the railing, that you can then fuse something to in order to add it to your Autobuild.

Once done, you can reproduce it anywhere, and for reasons unknown, it’s the only Autobuild item that isn’t destroyed by separation. It’s also got all the wrong physics properties applied, meaning it moves around on the gentlest of breezes, but has the robustness of a metal sheet. Which means: build flying stuff!

In the video above, Link&Zelda Talks shows how it can be used for improved hoverbikes, incredibly floaty biplanes, and even has its own glitches that allow you to fly very high in the air. People are going to do a ton with this, and hopefully it’s a peculiarity Nintendo will let slide.

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