Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Are Fighting With Beyblades Now

Tears Of The Kingdom Fans Are Fighting With Beyblades Now

This wont come as a huge surprise, not after learning that you can build a working computer in Nintendo’s open-world adventure, but it’s still neat: turns out the new Zelda’s construction abilities let you build your own Beyblade match.

Here’s creator @versus_shobu with some video, along with a tweet that simply says “Ohhhh! I made a Beyblade! ! ! ! !”:

Construction doesn’t look that hard, either? At least not by the standards we’d normally associate with these kind of videos. Some platforms, some electricity, some fire pointed at just the right spot and you’re good to go. And not only does it work, it looks great doing it! They look like Beyblades, they work just like them, even the crater is a perfect stand-in for an arena.

While an admirable build in its own right, though, it has now got my mind racing as to the possibilities of a more thorough integration inside the game here. Some kind of tournament. The game already has anime-ass cutscenes and sick outfits, so there are no worries about a thematic fit. And even if there were, you could just explain them away as some kind of recreational Zonai relic, something for fun, which would make a nice change from all the dangerous Zonai weapons lying around, killer robots roaming the land and huge chunks of ancient sky castle threatening to crush Hyrule’s inhabitants at any second.

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With lore and mechanics taken care of, you’d only have to throw in a cast of supporting characters who I bet would be super into Beyblades—every Gerudo, for example, but especially the kids—and you’ve got all the makings of a ZeldaBlade tournament for the ages.

Which can and will never happen officially, of course, though with the game now widely-played on PC and modders always working hard, we (well, I) can always dream.

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