Tears Of The Kingdom Statue Looks Perfectly Bonkers

Tears Of The Kingdom Statue Looks Perfectly Bonkers

Photo: Wake Studio

A new Wake Studio resin statue of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has it all: the hero of time, a dual-box fan glider, explosive barrels, and a bokoblin screaming for death. And it can be yours for only $150.

The newest collectible for the hit Switch open-world RPG was recently spotted by the fansite Zelda Universe. The 1/4 scale monument to one of 2023’s best games stands at roughly 22 inches by 22 inches and includes LEDs that make the base and Link’s corrupted arm glow. “Due to the large size of this figure, the shipping cost will be expensive,” warns a listing over at FavorGK. Orders are estimated to go out for delivery sometime around March 2024.

I’m not usually one for statues, but there’s something a bit irresistible about this specific one. The composition is wild. There’s a ton of intricate little details. But mostly, it just captures how utterly ridiculous Tears of the Kingdom is, while simultaneously conveying the fact that it all totally works and makes sense within the rules and concept space of the latest entry in the long-running Nintendo series.

Also did you notice Link’s meat sticks? “Why they make his thighs so thiccccc,” wrote one person on Twitter. “I have GOT to have the bare thighed freak on my shelf IMMEDIATELY,” wrote another. Other fans couldn’t get over the choice of Zonai contraption that the statue memorializes. “Gorgeous statue but the goblin glider is still inferior to the hover bike,” a player tweeted. “I can’t believe they used the sub-optimal fan configuration tbh,” affirmed a second.

Zonai optimization aside, the goblin glider feels like the right choice aesthetically. How else would Wake Studio have highlighted Link’s commitment to leg day?

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