Tears of the Kingdom’s Buff Ganondorf

Tears of the Kingdom’s Buff Ganondorf

Nintendo gave us one final look at The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ahead of its May 12 launch on Nintendo Switch. We saw more traversal options for Link to get around, the new battle mechanics that let him fight on horseback, and more mysteries that left me just as silent as the Hero of Time. We also saw our first real look at Ganondorf, the series’ main antagonist, although it was merely a floating head section of him screaming into the camera. However, after the trailer was posted, Nintendo dropped some artwork of the Demon King and, as you can probably imagine, folks are down very bad.

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Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) is the sequel to 2017’s Nintendo Switch exclusive The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Featuring many of the same mechanics as its predecessor, alongside a few new compelling additions such as the recall ability that alters an object’s movement, TotK is easily the handheld-console hybrid’s most anticipated game thus far this year. While information on the game has been largely sparse since its 2019 announcement, producer Eiji Aonuma did put TotK on display with some 10 minutes of gameplay this past March. This was all to build hype for one of the Switch’s hypest game to date, but no one was prepared for just how hot Ganondorf would be in the next gameplay trailer. Now we know the tea, and folks are fiending for him.

‘Rehydrated Ganon’ has gamers begging for hydration

All across the internet, from TikTok to Reddit to Twitter, are folks thirsting after this swole iteration of Ganondorf. It’s for a good reason, too! With his chiseled jawline, protruding pecs, and massive muscles, Ganondorf has hit the gym recently, busting out his summer bod in preparation for the warmer weather. One Twitter user simply said “Awooga” to the artwork Nintendo UK tweeted out. A redditor in a popular post on r/Breath_of_the_Wild said they’re “looking forward to some Ganondorf Rule 34 art,” a reference to the internet concept positing that anything will get hornified at some point. Someone on TikTok said that Ganondorf is “hot again” after seeing this new piece of artwork. Meanwhile, a handful of folks the internet over are sharing the same meme: Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarePants saying “oh no, he’s hot.”

It’s striking that folks are so bricked up for Tears of the Kingdom’s Ganondorf, especially considering he never assumed his human form in Breath of the Wild. But there’s another layer here adding credence to the new-found thirst for the Prince of Darkness, and it’s all thanks to the “Rehydrated Ganondorf” meme. See, when Tears of the Kingdom was first announced, the reveal trailer didn’t make it clear whether the Dark Lord would return in the sequel, particularly after the events of the previous game. There was some Lich King-looking enemy, but he didn’t seem fully alive. However, in June 2019, an artist named furanchu drew what they dubbed “Rehydrated Ganondorf,” a yassified reimagining of the Lich King-like enemy from the 2019 reveal trailer. Thus, “Rehydrated Ganondorf” was born and this interpretation is what folks have decided to call the latest iteration of the Great King of Evil.

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I get it: Ganondorf isn’t just slaying the house-down boots. The man is giving DILF energy with his new look. He means business this time around, and I’m worried our little Link might get crushed between those tree trunks for arms. However, this is the Hero of Time. If he could survive Termina in Majora’s Mask, I’m confident he’ll body the King of the Gerudo. I just hope we get to ogle “Rehydrated Ganondorf” a little bit before Link puts him back in the ground.


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