Tears Of The Kingdom’s Full Theme Song Is Killer

Tears Of The Kingdom’s Full Theme Song Is Killer

Nintendo dazzled us with the latest, and final, trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on April 13. We’ve learned a lot of new details about the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel, including the return of the Gleeok enemies and the introduction of what could be the Zonai tribe. Now that the company isn’t being bashful about TotK anymore, Nintendo is flashing everything it’s got of the game ahead of its May 12 launch on the Switch. Specifically, Nintendo recently dropped Tears of the Kingdom’s banger main theme song.

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Tears of the Kingdom is the follow-up to 2017’s smash hit, Breath of the Wild. Unlike most Zelda sequels, TotK looks to be a direct continuation of its predecessor. Some interesting bits from the last trailer include the possibility that Link will travel deep underground, Ganondorf getting rehydrated (and becoming hot), and the “Fuse” ability that lets Link combine weapons together to increase their durability and effectiveness . Tucked away in all that newness, though, was TotK’s main theme song, which absolutely slaps.

TotK’s main theme song is a whole vibe

On April 13, Twitch streamer and YouTuber Aero, who covers the games industry with a focus on Nintendo, excitedly tweeted that they’d discovered the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom main theme embedded in the game’s Japanese website. They extracted and reuploaded it to Twitter, which has been embedded below for your listening pleasure. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s not that long of a song. At just shy of two minutes, the track is this low-key arrangement of horns and strings and claps. There’s what sounds like a flute leading the thrust of the main melody, with some stringed instruments following suit. Then, around the one-minute mark, the theme ramps up into a full-blown crescendo. Everything is blaring. The horns are popping off. The piano is hammering those keys. The cymbals are adding some drama. It goes!

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With Tears of the Kingdom dropping in May, we don’t have much longer until we can hear the full theme in the context of the final game. Maybe it’ll serve as more than just the opening theme? Maybe it’ll get remixed for the final boss fight? Can’t say. For now, at least, we get to vibe out to this bop of a tune.


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