The 13 Best Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror Segments

The 13 Best Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror Segments

Screenshot: Fox / Disney

And here’s the third and final segment from season 6’s Treehouse of Horror episode, which means that it—like season 5’s Halloween special—is an all-time classic. What I appreciate about “Nightmare Cafeteria” is that it feels creepy and disturbing. It also has some great jokes, like Skinner’s “Isn’t there a little Uter in all of us?” and Willie trying to save the kids, but failing and dying for the third time in the half-hour.

And then, after Milhouse bites it in a giant blender, the segment ends and reveals it was all a dream. There was nothing to fear, well, except for that fog that turns people inside-out. Luckily, the Simpsons have high-quality windows, and…wait, I’m being handed a message. Oh no.

Of course, narrowing my picks down to just 13 great Halloween Simpsons segments means I had to cut some other great ones. And odds are at least some of you have a favorite that didn’t make the cut. If so, let me know which Simpsons Treehouse of Horror short is your favorite in the comments below.

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