The 18 Best Cozy Games That Feel Like A Warm Blanket

The 18 Best Cozy Games That Feel Like A Warm Blanket

A nearly completed jigsaw puzzle is displayed on a wooden table in a room with a purple carpet, a couch, and sunlight streaming in through the door and window.

Screenshot: That’s Nice Games

Try to imagine something cozier than wearing a big snuggly Christmas jumper, there’s a fire roaring, and you’re calmly and methodically placing in pieces of a lovely 1,000 piece jigsaw. It’s the holiday idyll, you can practically see the first few flakes of snow falling out the frosted windows, as a kindly aunt bustles in with a lovely mug of hot chocolate for you. And while all that might sound ridiculously unlikely this year, you can get awfully close to recreating it with Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams.

This is unlike any other jigsaw puzzle game you might have seen released on Steam. First of all, it’s all set in a 3D home that you can decorate as you wish. Secondly, it embraces physics, where every other jigsaw sim saps the concept of all its tangible life. So whether at a table, on the upstairs landing, or just sprawled out on the living room floor, you can take on any of the game’s dozens of jigsaw designs, or import any picture of your own, then click it all together. You can pick how many pieces, up to ludicrous numbers in the high thousands, and then meticulously sort the edges from the insides, pile them up or spread them out however you wish, and get to work.

It’s such an authentic recreation, but with limitless numbers of puzzles, no clutter, and no losing pieces in the couch. (Although you genuinely can have them fall off the table, given the accuracy of the physics.)—John Walker

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