The Best And Worst Video Games To Play High

The Best And Worst Video Games To Play High

Image: Bungie / / Kotaku

There’s a lot to do in MMO FPS Destiny 2 at any given moment: visit merchants and collect bounties from them, dismantle unwanted items, check your mail with Kadi 55-30 (checking, checking) make number bigger, futz with your shaders until you feel satisfyingly slick, bank those motes, sister, compare your weapons in Destiny Inventory Manager—I could go on.

It’s the kind of game that many people find tedious, but many potheads find provides the perfect, consistent hum of brain activity without sending you over the edge. Sometimes, I’ll take an edible and boot up Destiny 2 with the sole desire of completing bounties, other times I go into it determined to beat people up in PvP, but most of the time I’m squinting at my inventory and comparing it to my vault while some guy doing YouTuber voice tells me how to force good stat rolls on your armor.

Oh, and I don’t care what any of you say, Gambit is a blast when you’re high. It’s the reason why, at random, I’ll blurt out a Drifter quote in the middle of a session and startle my cats. “Enough fooling around!”

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