The Best And Worst Witcher Season 3 Looks

The Best And Worst Witcher Season 3 Looks

Image: Netflix

Freya Allan has had quite the journey to become the Ciri we know in The Witcher Season Three. When we first meet the lion cub of Cintra, she’s got bleached eyebrows like all the Bushwick kids and a wig that looks like American Girl doll hair. Then she was allowed to have natural-colored brows, but they were too groomed and overplucked. And her wigs still felt a bit too heavy and doll-like. Her royal outfits were too costume-y, and her more rough-and-tumble looks felt pre-worn.

But now, Allan has natural, fluffy brown brows and a wig full of soft tendrils, tucked-away braids, and beautiful wisps. Her striking green contacts look good even in natural light. And her outfits, now that she’s a full-blown witcher, remind me of the ones Ciri wears in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Allan’s acting has also bloomed beautifully, so much so that I truly believe her to be Ciri whenever she’s on-screen.

What are your favorite and least favorite looks from The Witcher TV series?

The second half of Season Three debuts on July 27 on Netflix.

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