The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland (2022) Review
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The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland (2022) Review

The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland

One thing’s for certain.

After watching Alison Stover and Joe Benedetto’s The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland you will reflect upon yourself and analyze whatever you’re part of. This kind of self-discovery and self-exploration isn’t automatic with most films, but the duo’s production calls for something different as it portrays a delicate subject without much distractions. 

The short film is a hazy experience of pinkish colors and a dreamlike aura that reflects the disconnection from reality the lead suffers after abuse has left her horribly scarred from an emotional point of view. She doesn’t even observe time the normal way and the scorn goes beyond a shallow and obvious take. This is one hurt woman, and this is the story of how her life is rebooted after ending the relationship she was part of.

The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland runs for 20 minutes and it’s a powerful portrait of a sadly universal feeling. Charlotte ends an abusive relationship and begins interacting with the outside world again. Her therapist observes as she unconsciously submits herself to the shadow of her past and strengthens her mind trap every day. It’s hopeless.

The structure of the script isn’t the usual. Right from the beginning, you may identify The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland isn’t like other dramatic films about a woman overcoming a difficult time in her past. Regardless, the glimmer of hope is there, powerfully translated by a performer that could sit next to the greatest actresses of the genre.

You would think Alison Stover’s role isn’t hard. This has been done before and the lessons are available. However, Stover transmits something with ease in the first minutes of footage: Pain. Pain so severe, it can only be compared to a physical one. Stover’s perfect in her performance of Charlotte, and this can definitely be a calling card for her future. 

Not many films drive you to your own emotions checklist. It isn’t how films work. At least the current ones. Indie shorts are reflective of the passion of those behind the camera and holding the pen. These are sincere stories masterfully condensed in minutes of footage where nothing is random. The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland is a very good example of how you should make relevant films, even if they’re in short feature format.

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