The Gathering’s Elusive Ring Card Found, Valued At $2M

The Gathering’s Elusive Ring Card Found, Valued At $2M

Image: Wizards of the Coast / Kotaku / DNY59 (Getty Images)

Magic: The Gathering, the popular fantasy-themed collectable card game from Wizards of the Coast, has recently launched an official Lord of the Rings expansion. And in the midst of the millions of printed cards, the Frodos and Saurons and Aragorns and all the rest, the publisher included a special one-of-a-kind card depicting the tempting treasure that causes all that trouble in the first place: the One Ring itself. Now, that exceptionally rare One Ring card has been found.

News of The One Ring’s discovery was first revealed on Twitter by the MTG fan account, Hipsters of the Coast, who shared a link to the card’s certification on Friday, indicating that whoever did find the card promptly had it graded. The card, which was illustrated by Finland-based artist Veli Nyström, received a mint 9-grade ranking, making it just shy of being considered a “virtually perfect card” according to authentication and grading company Professional Sports Authenticator.

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them,” The official MTG Twitter account said, quoting author J.R.R. Tolkien, in response to the One Ring being found. “We are thrilled to hear tale of a new Ring-bearer in possession of the serialized 1:1 The One Ring! This journey is finished, but the adventure with #MTGxLOTR’s continues!”

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the bearer of The One Ring wishes to remain anonymous. The One Ring’s discovery comes just two weeks after the Lord of the Rings crossover was released into the wild in trading card stores worldwide. Bounties for the card have reached well into the seven figures, with Dexerto reporting that Spanish gaming store Gremio de Dregones was offering $2.1 million for it. Should the owner take them up on that offer, The One Ring will immediately become the most expensive Magic card ever, handily beating the Black Lotus, which has repeatedly sold for upwards of $500,000.


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