TikTokers Trick Its Anime Filter Into Giving Them Big Boobs

TikTokers Trick Its Anime Filter Into Giving Them Big Boobs

Characters from Detroit: Become Human look at an AI-generated woman with big boobs.

Let’s not talk about how many pots and bowls it took for me to “make” this.
Image: TikTok / Quantic Dream / Kotaku

Those kiddos are at it again with their TikTok trends. The latest fad on the mobile app is actually quite hilarious because they’re tricking its anime ai filter into giving them comedically large boobs.

Among TikTok’s goodie bag of filters is its AI Manga filter. Usually, the filter works by scanning a video of the user and generating an anime-inspired drawing of them. The filter even works on dogs because of course it does. But today’s iPad kids are smart and demand authenticity from the world’s hardest-working TikTok filter. That authenticity comes in a pair of back-breaking chest beefers just like their favorite anime characters enjoy, and they’ve workshopped a way to attain them. By strategically placing household objects like pots, they’re able to trick the AI filter into giving them absurdly large chests, thus plaguing your “For You Page” with a whole new kind of bizarre microvid.

It’s not just the waifu hopeful TikTokers who are taking part in this craze, the husbando wannabes are giving this AI trickery a go as well. The most ambitious of them have gone so far as to use their tongues to trick the filter into giving them abs on which you could grate the toughest of meats.

It goes without saying that this AI tomfoolery isn’t a clear-cut science. Sometimes the AI Manga gets it wrong and will mistake a dude’s head for a pair of oppai if he happens to be surrounded by a bunch of plushies or just gift the waifu a pair of shields. Or worse, the filter will misinterpret a TikToker’s real-world fingers and completely botch their husbando boob-window. Here’s a collection of AI Anime filters fails that made me guffaw while writing this article:

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Now I’m not gonna pretend that this one use case of AI art isn’t hilarious because it kinda is, but overall AI making “art” is an oxymoron that’s been plaguing the art community as badly as NFTs have this year. These AI aren’t so much “making art” as they are pulling from different sources of information fed to them and shitting out an image. This trend might get a pass for being amusing in passing, but don’t forget that artists make art, not algorithms.

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