UNO announced new Senior Vice Chancellor – The Omaha News
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UNO announced new Senior Vice Chancellor – The Omaha News

By: Mitchell Cutcher, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb- UNO has chosen Dr. Phil He as the new Senior Vice Chancellor and will be starting this role on Jan. 3rd

            Dr. He currently is serving as the vice provost of faculty diversity for Northeastern University in Boston. Dr. He began his career in 1998 at the University of Texas-San Antonio following earning his Ph.D in criminology and criminal justice from UNO. For Dr. He UNO played a large role in his life because they took a chance on him, and he hopes to be able to give back to the university. 

            “So, in a sense this a perfect kind of, return to your alma mater to serve,” said Dr. He. “Because this place is what made my career possible. So, isn’t it an easy choice for anyone?”

Dr. John Bartle talking about why they chose Dr. He on Nov. 9th (Photo/Mitchell Cutcher)

            One thing that stuck out to Dr. He when he returned to UNO for the first time in almost 30 years was how much the campus has changed.

He said that he looks forward to attending basketball and hockey games at Baxter Arena. He also said that he hopes to speak with students when he arrives on Jan 3rd, so he can get a better feel for the student life on campus. 

            “He knows UNO, he has a doctorate in criminology and criminal justice from UNO,” said Dr. John Bartle who chaired the search committee that chose Dr. He. “So, he’s been here, he knows UNO, he knows what we’re like, and I think that was one important factor.”

            On top of being a UNO alumnus, Dr. Bartle also said that Dr. He simply interviewed well and made a good impression that way.

Dr. Phil He during a Zoom interview on Nov. 11th (Photo/Mitchell Cutcher)

Another part of Dr. He’s resume that jumped off the page was his work with international studies at Northeastern University. Dr. Bartle hopes that is something that Dr. He can help with here at UNO. 

            “Throughout the entire search process, Dr. He has not only shown his commitment to UNO’s mission, but a true willingness to think outside of the box when it comes to what’s next in higher education,” said Chancellor Joanne Li, Ph.D in a press release.

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