UNO Aviation takes off with a new 737 Flight Simulator – The Omaha News
Omaha News

UNO Aviation takes off with a new 737 Flight Simulator – The Omaha News

By: Danny Bolanos, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – The University of Nebraska at Omaha has recently acquired a Boeing 737 jet simulator for its aviation department.

UNO Aviation Institute Director Scott Vlasek says the new flight simulator was purchased by the Ethel Abbott Foundation and is a gift for Aviation Institute students to get a better understanding of flying Seven Thirty’s Seven planes. 

“Being able to put students into a deceive like this where they’re going to have experience leaving our program and using a flight management system and using some of the other automation that’s available in this device will certainly put them ahead.”

An inside look at the cockpit and the virtual runway ahead.

The new 737 Boeing flight simulator is considered to be an exact replica letting students receive all of the experience they will need for the skies safely here from the ground.

“It has the next generation of instrumentation it’s all digital all glass what they call it it has the autopilot is the latest addition the autopilot which actually will allow them to and auto throttle I should emotion as well will allow them to take off” says UNO Flight Training Coordinator Skip Bailey.

A close look at the many buttons and knobs that go into a realistic flight simulator.

The flight simulator also comes equipped with a two-hundred-degree curved screen that provides pilots with an immersive experience.

Having regular airtime on the new simulator helps students as UNO’s Aviation institute partners with Southwest Airlines to offer students direct career paths to the cockpit for the airline. 

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