Video Game Studio Denies Laying Off Staff Artists For AI

Video Game Studio Denies Laying Off Staff Artists For AI

Rayark, the developers of the excellent Cytus rhythm action games (which we’ve covered previously), have this week faced allegations that some of the company’s artists had been laid off and replaced with, you guessed it, machine-generated imagery.

As Gamerbraves report, the controversy began last week when Korean players began noticing some peculiarities with some of the game’s newer art. In one case a character had six fingers, while in other pics character’s clothing and hair appeared to clip and end in strange places, both tell-tale signs that an image had been computer-generated.

Screenshot: Twitter

Another Tweet, from a former artist who worked on Cytus 2, said:

As a former art director of Cytus2

I feel a little bit disgusting, seeing all the efforts and quality control we did turning into some shoddy ai bullshit.

To be honest I’m so glad I left the company.

In response to the allegations, Rayark issued a statement denying the layoffs. They also say reports that they’re using machine-generated imagery in their games is “entirely false”, but then spend much of the statement talking about how they’re conducting extensive research into the technology, and have even “recruited more members with Al expertise to improve our development processes and provide education and training regarding Al assistance”.

Regarding the recent false rumors circulating on the internet concerning Rayark Games using Al technology in its artistic works and laying off a significant number of artists, we would like to clarify that these rumors are entirely false.

Recently, there have been numerous articles and discussions on social media platforms and online forums speculating and discussing Rayark’s use of Al technology. We respect different opinions and ideas, but unfortunately, some of the circulated content is based on mistranslations of our previous statements and false reports. To prevent the further spread of misinformation, we wish to clarify the situation regarding these false accusations.

Creativity and expression through art have always been of the utmost importance to Rayark. Our team of artists are encouraged to broaden their skills and showcase their talents at every opportunity. We also promote continuous learning, growth, and refinement of our game productions. Advancing in the artistic field not only strengthens our creative power but also enables us to present our best to the community.

In anticipation of the impact that Al Generated Content (AIGC) will have on the industry, Rayark closely monitors the potential influence of AIGC on the gaming industry as a whole. We conduct research, experiment with new tools, and prepare ourselves as best we can in a rapidly changing world.

Utilizing Al tools during the development process may gradually become a trend in the wider gaming industry. In the face of this transition, Rayark adopts an open-minded approach to learning, while humbly accepting feedback and suggestions from players. During this period, in order to establish more efficient processes and achieve technological breakthroughs, we have not laid off any artists whatsoever. On the contrary, we have recruited more members with Al expertise to improve our development processes and provide education and training regarding Al assistance, preparing for the challenges of the upcoming era of AIGC.

Rayark remains dedicated to our player base and the creation of high quality IPs. We deeply appreciate the continuous support and open discussions of the community. As we continue on this path in the gaming industry, we will continue to do our best, exploring the limits of our creativity.

Rayark Inc. May 27, 2023

Why…would you hire additional people with “AI expertise” when you…could just have hired more artists instead? This technology has sent people mad.

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