Waddling to a Store Near You: Rockhopper Bock
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Waddling to a Store Near You: Rockhopper Bock

The third of four beers in Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium and Zipline Brewing Co.’s Zoo Brew Series, Rockhopper Bock, will waddle into select retail outlets next week and Zipline’s tasting rooms on Friday, January 25, 2019. 

Rockhopper Bock drinkers can expect complex malty aromas and flavors, with a slight touch of fruitiness. The beer has a low bitterness and medium body. Proceeds generated from Rockhopper Bock will directly support the Zoo’s efforts to reduce single-use plastics that harm penguin habitats. These efforts include actions and public awareness campaigns to protect ocean habitat where penguins breed, as well as the rescue and rehabilitation of penguins and other seabirds.

“We are excited to kick off 2019 with a new beer in the Zoo Brew Series that focuses on the importance of ocean health and conservation – both important initiatives of Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium,” said Cheryl Morris, vice president of conservation at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. “The Zoo has been implementing new policies and working with other zoos and aquariums across the country on ocean conservation efforts, and we are excited to further those actions through this fun and unique partnership.”

Zipline Brewing Co. will host launch parties for Rockhopper Bock at all three of its retail locations, including the North Downtown Omaha Taproom at 721 N. 14th St. The events occur on Friday, January 25 from 5 p.m. to close. Morris, as well as some of the Zoo’s penguin keepers, will be available at Zipline’s Omaha event to answer questions and inform patrons about the challenges of ocean health and conservation. 

The Zoo Brew Series consists of four limited edition beers that focus on conservation efforts of a different endangered animal species. Proceeds from the series will directly support field conservation projects around the globe. Red Panda Wheat and African Elephant XPA, the first two beers to launch in the Zoo Brew Series, hit shelves in 2018 and are sold out in Omaha stores. The last remaining beer in the series will be introduced this spring. 

“Rockhopper Bock is a rich, smooth, amber lager that pairs perfectly with roasted and seared foods, mature cheeses and Cajun jerk spices,” said Tom Wilmoth, co-founder of Zipline Brewing Co. “This is our brewers’ favorite lager to date. We’re proud that this beer will help in the fight to reduce harmful plastic waste in sensitive environments. At Zipline, we recycle over 90 percent of our solid waste by weight. Every little bit helps, and everyone can play a part.” 

The Zoo Brew Series will be available for purchase at Zipline Brewing Co., as well as multiple retail outlets in the Zipline distribution territory. 

Visit www.OmahaZoo.com/Zoo-Brew-Series for more information.

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