Watch AI Trump Vs AI Biden In A Deranged Endless Live Debate

Watch AI Trump Vs AI Biden In A Deranged Endless Live Debate

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If there’s a big enough data set to pull from, AI can create audio and visual replications of anyone suddenly saying and doing things they’ve never said before. You’ve probably already seen this in action, whether it’s those popular AI TikTok songs that show you what Ariana Grande might sound like singing a Taylor Swift song or those silly clips of American presidents reimagined as hardcore gamers yelling into their headsets. Now, someone’s gone ahead and locked both President Biden and former president / classified document holder Donald Trump into an infinite battle on Twitch that can only be described as “unhinged.”

Maybe that’s because the version of Biden we see on the trumporbiden2024 livestream isn’t Joe Biden per se, but clearly Dark Brandon, who is ready to go for the throat. Both AI versions of the politicians curse heavily at each other: at one point I heard Biden call Trump a limp dick and Trump retorted by telling him to go back to jacking off to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They both seem to be speaking to or reacting to the chat in some ways, like when Trump said that the fake news he’s reading is worse than the garbage that’s flowing in the chat.

You can see the feed live below, though be warned, the audio may not be safe for work.

The things the AI will actually argue about seem to have a dream logic to them. I heard Biden exclaim that Trump didn’t know anything about Pokémon, so viewers shouldn’t trust him. Trump later informed Biden that he couldn’t possibly handle genetically modified catgirls, unlike him. “Believe me, nobody knows more about hentai than me,” Trump declared. Both men are programmed to loosely follow the conversation threads the other sets, and will do all the mannerisms you’ve come to expect out of these debates, like seeing Biden react to a jab with a small chuckle. At one point during my watch, I saw the AI stop going at each other only to start tearing into people in the chat for having bad usernames and for not asking real questions.

There are hiccups, like when the AI gets stuck saying a weird or long username, and every so often both men will flicker in and out of their podiums. But topics aside, this is pretty damn realistic and possibly a good way to ready yourself for the likely circus that will accompany the next presidential election.

Ai Trump Roasts Twitch Chat and Ai Joe Biden 👀✅

What’s next, an AI Jesus ready to dole out digital blessings? Oh, wait.

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