Where To Pre-Order Spider-Man 2 PS5 Bundle Before It’s Gone

Where To Pre-Order Spider-Man 2 PS5 Bundle Before It’s Gone

Image: Insomniac Games / Sony

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will probably be the biggest PlayStation 5 game of the year, and its limited edition console is already going fast. Pre-orders for the $600 bundle went live on July 28, and the special Spidey accessories look likely to sell out fast.

In addition to a PS5, the bundle also comes with a red and black DualSense controller and custom PS5 faceplates, the designs for both of which allude to the game’s Spider-Man/Venom showdown and, frankly, look pretty cool. It also comes with a digital download code for the game on October 20, while the limited edition hardware and peripherals ship on September 1.

The whole bundle, as well as the accessories separately, are all available to buy through the PlayStation Direct store as well as Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop (which is making customers pre-order in-person in its stores). So if you already own a PS5, you can grab just the controller for $80 or the faceplates for $65 which is, yea, almost as much as the game itself. In fact, some have already spotted scalpters attempting to resell the limited edition merch on eBay, though fortunately none of it has sold out just yet.

Buy the bundle: Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop
Buy Spider-Man 2: Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop

We got our best look yet at Spider-Man 2 with a 12-minute gameplay preview back during Sony’s May gaming showcase. This time around, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be teaming up, with the ability to swap either hero out on the fly and make use of their separate gadgets and fighting styles. The story, meanwhile, focuses on the duo fighting Kraven the Hunter and, eventually, the symbiote Venom.

Unlike Spider-Man: Miles Morales and some of Sony’s other big first-party PlayStation blockbusters, Spider-Man 2 is a “next-gen” exclusive, so longtime fans will have to look into upgrading if they haven’t already. Fotunately, they have a slick new limited edition bundle to help them make the decision.

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