Wrestler Kenny Omega Cosplayed As Sephiroth During Big Event

Wrestler Kenny Omega Cosplayed As Sephiroth During Big Event

A screenshot shows FF7 villian Sephiroth standing in front of a wall of fire.

Image: Square Enix

Wrestling superstar Kenny Omega returned to Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom event after not appearing since 2019. And he returned in style, dressing up as famous Final Fantasy VII villain Sephiroth and even entered walked in to the classic bad guy’s theme song, “One Winged Angel.”

Considered by some to be one of the best wrestlers out there, Kenny Omega, real name Tyson Smith, has spent the past few years in America in AEW, a relatively new wrestling promotion that has become an actual competitor to the long-running WWE. But earlier today in Japan, Omega returned to Wrestle Kingdom—one of the largest annual wrestling events in the country—after a three-year absence. And as with his previous appearances, he tapped into his love of video games to create one hell of an entrance.

Further adding to the Final Fantasy connection, across big screens behind Omega was imagery connected to Sephiroth and his famous wings. The former AEW World Champion squared off against Will Ospreay for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship. (Spoilers: He won the match, which was one of the best of the night.)

While this video-game-themed entrance and outfit quickly went viral online, it’s far from the first time Omega has used video game music or costumes. In 2019, he wore an outfit inspired by Sans The Skeleton—a character from Undertale—during an AEW event. In 2018, at a previous Wrestle Kingdom, he donned a Pharah-inspired costume, complete with a missile launcher. (Pharah is a high-flying character from Overwatch.) Omega’s used a finisher named “The One Winged Angel” for years, too.

He’s also appeared in videos with Giant Bomb a few times, including one very funny incident involving him and WWE’s Austin Creed, another big gamer. Both wrestlers had to carefully maneuver in and out of frame so neither was seen at the same time on screen with a wrestler from a rival promotion.

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