You Can Nab A Tears of the Kingdom $10 Discount Right Now

You Can Nab A Tears of the Kingdom $10 Discount Right Now

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Nintendo’s most expensive game, the first the developer debuted at the (unfortunately) new industry standard price of $70. Now, though, a baked-in Amazon discount lets you buy the game for $60, or the price nearly all Nintendo games retain even several years after their release date. For this, I am so grateful to prominent gamer Jeff Bezos. How did he know I’ve always wanted to spend $10 less on my mystery meat cooking simulator?

Tears of the Kingdom discount details

All right, I know that $10 off isn’t necessarily a standout discount, but it seems to be the game’s first price decrease (that doesn’t require a coupon code, or seem to be tied to a limited-time event) since the open-world Breath of the Wild sequel released on May 12. It also likely represents the floor of this kind of discount—Amazon lists BoTW as $10 cheaper than its original price, too, despite that game coming out back in 2017.

Retailers like Amazon are, most likely, following Nintendo’s lead in keeping prices relatively intact through the years. The Zelda developer is famously reluctant to ever drop its game prices, preferring to stick to its usual $60 price tag for as long as possible. The just-OK Mario Tennis, for example, which Nintendo released five years ago, is $60 for both its physical and digital versions at the moment.

As Nintendo’s first $70 title, Tears of the Kingdom will likely hold onto its knockout price indefinitely on the official eShop. Despite existing discounts, Nintendo still lists both the game’s standard physical and digital copies as $70.

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“At least Nintendo can say they were one of the last to [increase their standard game prices],” Kotaku senior editor Luke Plunkett wrote about the price bump earlier this year. “A number of major publishers—like Activision, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.—[already] decided that 2022 was the year they could start charging $70 for games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and…Gotham Knights.”

Scary. Go and get your $60 Tears of the Kingdom while you can. It’s available at that price now on Amazon and Walmart.


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