Your Pathetic Diablo IV Death Could Get Eulogized By Megan Fox

Your Pathetic Diablo IV Death Could Get Eulogized By Megan Fox

Eulogize me, mommy.
Screenshot: Megan Fox / Kotaku

Whether you’re just jumping into Diablo IV now that it’s officially out or have been combing through Sanctuary since the loot-hunting RPG’s June 1 early access release, you’ll undoubtedly die at some point while fending off the evils of Hell. It’s inevitable; death is the great equalizer, after all. But if you record and post your demise, acclaimed actress Megan Fox might take notice of your death.

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Fox has been in a number of films and games since starting her acting career in 2001. However, she’s probably best known for her roles in 2007’s explosion fest Transformers and 2009’s horror comedy Jennifer’s Body. Now, the award-winning actress has taken to Instagram to post about Diablo IV, Blizzard’s wildly successful action-RPG that’s finally out on most platforms.

Live long enough in Diablo IV to become a hero…or a chump

Fox’s latest Instagram post is pretty short, all of 20 seconds or so in length. But the premise is pretty simple: share your last in-game breath with her and she may write you a eulogy to tell the world how you lived in Sanctuary. Be warned, though, that she may drag you if you died like a pathetic little goober.

“If there’s one thing I love, it’s the sight of blood,” Fox said, standing in a black dress in front of burning candles. “And in Diablo IV, there are rivers of it. Show me your worst in-game death with #DiabloDeaths and you might get a eulogy from yours truly, telling the world that you went out like a hero. Or a chump.”

You can post your deaths on TikTok or Twitter with the corresponding hashtag and, on June 8, Fox will begin reading eulogies for a bevy of Diablo IV players.

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I have no doubt there will be a number of hilarious Diablo IV deaths for Fox to share. Between Hardcore mode, an increased difficulty the permanently kills your character should you fall in battle, and The Butcher, the end is upon us all.


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