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French Bulldog

By Shout Omaha Staff
The French Bulldog in Dundee believes in taking the time to make their meats as close to perfection as possible. All the meat is cured in-house. It starts when the hog comes in to their place. From there, the bones are removed; it’s ground, cased, and aged. This can take months (even up to a year) until it’s just right to serve. Here the work goes in not just for the guest walking into the restaurant that night, but also for a night a few months away. By the time it reaches the table, the meat will have gone through an intense process all done right there.
“We do everything from A to Z with the meat,” owner Bryce Coulton says. Along with Phil Anania and Anne Cavanaugh, Coulton is one of the three owners of the French Bulldog. Anania and Cavanaugh had been friends for a while and met Coulton while working together at a restaurant before they opened their current place. After talking about opening up their own restaurant for what seemed like eons, they decided to go for it.
The work put into the meat is what makes this restaurant stand out in Omaha. With processed meat becoming a common trend, it is becoming rare to find in-house cured meats. This dedication is not just limited to the meats. Salads and sandwiches are another example of the hard work the French Bulldog puts into the food for each guest. Details are extremely important for all dishes served there. The Green Menu is where one can find the salads. Not all of them are traditional salads. Various meats are featured on a few different salads.
Sandwiches are a popular item for them, too. Pork belly sandwiches are a big hit with the guest. Part of it is due to the fact the pork was prepared there and cooked to perfection. The other is the fact the owners know how to make a mouth watering sandwich. For those wanting something lighter, cheese and meat platters are another option. One can pick the meat and cheese they want and pair it with some bread. There is also the baker’s choice, which the manager picks for the guest bases on what meat goes well with different meats. It is guaranteed to taste delicious no matter which one is picked. Of course, don’t forget to end the meal with a homemade dessert. Delicious and hard to resist, it is a must for anyone who stops in. Just like all the other items on the menu, the dessert is prepared on the spot so it’s always fresh. Add a glass of wine with a piece of cake and you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. Stop in on Tuesday nights for the Bulldog music series. The owners started the music series to help get more people in during the earlier part of the week and it’s a hit. Local artists come in and play an acoustic set around 9:30 p.m. It’s a low-key little concert for when you need a break after the start of another workweek. Bring a few friends and maybe forget that Saturday is still a few days away. Enjoy the daily specials and handcrafted food.
French Bulldog is unlike any restaurant in the Dundee area. The live music in the middle of the week and in-house cured meats keep people coming back week after week. The prices are affordable, making it more of a reason to stop on by.

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