11 Things New Xbox Series X, S Owners Should Know: Games, Gear

11 Things New Xbox Series X, S Owners Should Know: Games, Gear

A photo shows the Xbox Series X box with the black console next to it.

Image: Microsoft / Xbox

If you’re reading this ahead of buying someone a new Xbox, or you already have and are getting ready to wrap it, stop! I highly recommend setting it up ahead of time, completing most of the above suggestions before you give the shiny new console to its intended recipient—especially if that recipient is a kid who will likely want to play games, not wade through menus and wait for updates to install. So at the very least, update the console and install a few games, so they can open it up, plug it in, and start playing right away!

A new console is a great gift, but an even better gift is a new console filled with games that are already set up and ready to play.

Once you’ve got your Xbox all hooked up, installed some fun new games, got your controller updated, and your TV settings sorted, it’s time to stop reading this article and go play some video games. Well, unless you wanna dig around the comments first, as I assume a few readers might have some extra tips and tricks of their own. Either way, enjoy your new Xbox!

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