12 Amazing Games On Google Play

12 Amazing Games On Google Play

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Just like the world’s busiest transit systems, in Mini Metro, you’re always strapped for cash.

At its core, Mini Metro is a strategy sim. You have to use your resources to manage subway lines and stations, connecting new stations as they pop up, with the ultimate goal of seeing how long you can keep your city moving. There are more than 20 transit-focused cities to choose from—including Seoul, Barcelona, Berlin, Cairo, Osaka, Melbourne, and Hong Kong—and, if it pleases you, you can even create your own bespoke networks for each.

It’s all very minimalist, with pared-down music and subway maps that look straight out of Harry Beck’s portfolio. (He’s the guy who modernized London’s Tube map.) Mini Metro is compelling enough on its own for fans of strategy puzzle games. For fans of transit, it’s a dream come true.

A good match for: NUMTOTs, environmental activists, transit advocates, city planners, and other comrades in the War on Cars.

Not a good match for: Highway admirers.

Watch it in action.

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