16 Best Action Games In 2023 That Are Like A Shot Of Adrenaline

16 Best Action Games In 2023 That Are Like A Shot Of Adrenaline

Screenshot: Naughty Dog

If you’re looking for: Slow, gritty action with a heavy emphasis on narrative
Available on: PS4, PS5

While The Last of Us Part II takes us into survival-horror territory, the core gameplay itself is a very satisfying, tense third-person game that requires you to make every shot count. Also, if you are into zombie drama that’s more about human emotions and the need to survive, ala The Walking Dead, well The Last of Us will slot very nicely into that wider canon.

Part II lands on this list instead of Part I as its core gameplay is simply more fluid and dynamic. Part II lets you go prone, so stealth options for traversal are increased. Enemies are also a bit more varied and the length of the game (which might border on too long for some) means there’s no shortage of action sequences and encounters to play through. If you haven’t played the first one, however, it might be worth it to catch up on the story—plus, the PS5 remake, The Last of Us Part I, modernizes a number of gameplay elements without feeling too much like the sequel.

Be warned, though: You’ll have to kill about a dozen non-zombified dogs in this game in some pretty jarring ways—that’s in addition to several other brutally vicious scenes of gory violence.

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