25 Years Of Leon Kennedy’s Evolution In Resident Evil

25 Years Of Leon Kennedy’s Evolution In Resident Evil

Image: Capcom / Kotaku

Resident Evil pretty boy Leon Scott Kennedy is arguably Italian-American, something around 5’10”, says admirably stupid things, and I, like many people, was endeared to him by the recent Resident Evil 4 remake.

There, Leon’s powder blue eyes and wispy hair, as light as fennel pollen, had players reconsidering their marriage vows and drafting odes to the rookie cop instead. But it’s not fair that we forget Leon’s past character designs and iterations in our latest wave of thirstiness, which have weaved in and out of the RE franchise since 1998, and helped define him as the suplex-capable dummy he is today.

To do right by him and his millions of new spouses, I compiled all of Leon’s subtle character design changes from the past 25 years from Resident Evil 2 to the Resident Evil 4 remake, like a proud mom with a scrapbook and a glue stick, or, in my case, Google Docs and a slideshow.

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