6 Cool Details In The New Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trailer

6 Cool Details In The New Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trailer

The latest story trailer for Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor drops some new tidbits that have me excited to play Respawn’s upcoming sequel to its fantastic 2019 soulslike action game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, out later this month, is set five years after the events of the first game, Fallen Order. As before, Survivor will follow Cal Kestis and his crew of loveable misfits as they outrun, outsmart, and outlast the Empire. Kestis is a Jedi, which makes him a high-priority threat to the Empire. And having survived an encounter with Darth Vader and his Jedi-hunting Inquisitors in the last game, Kestis and his ragtag crew will now have a more surprising villain to deal with: another Jedi.

Respawn / EA / Lucasfilm

Out today, Survivor’s new story trailer isn’t very long, but it’s jam-packed with interesting details and nuggets of information. Here are six cool things we spotted in the trailer that we think you might care about!

Cal will visit the city planet of Coruscant

Remember that big city world from the Star Wars prequels? The same one seen in Andor, too. Well, it seems that Cal will be visiting Coruscant in Survivor. Keep in mind that at this point in the Star Wars timeline, Coruscant is the literal capital of the Empire. It’s the planet the Emperor hangs out on when he’s not out doing evil Sith lord shit, so not the safest place for a Jedi to visit. Must be a very important mission.

One of the Bedlam Raiders is a Gen’dai

Apparently, this was something Respawn confirmed earlier this year, but considering that we get a good look at raider Rayvis in this trailer, I figured it would be worth shouting out. That big alien in the armor? They’re a Bedlam Raider known as Rayvis, and he’s a Gen’dai. What’s that? It’s a very hard-to-kill alien species made up of regenerating, worm-like appendages. Bounty Hunter Durge, from the animated Clone Wars mini-series, is a member of this species. If Cal has to fight Rayvis, expect a tough boss battle.

Merrin and Greez return (and have new looks)

Screenshot: EA / Respawn / Lucasfilm / Kotaku

While I assumed Cal’s crew of loveable scamps would show up in the new game, it was nice to finally see them in this story trailer. Since it’s been five years, Nightsister Merrin and salt-loving pilot Greez look different. I personally like their new looks. Merrin in particular looks fantastic. I like her modern take on an emo space witch. Oh and if you’re wondering what happened to Greez’s arm, well…you might want to read Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars, a novel set after Fallen Order but before Survivor. (Or just look it up on Wookieepedia.)

The big bad villain might be a fallen Jedi from the past

Okay, so if you don’t know anything about the High Republic era of Star Wars, here’s a very condensed summary: Its a new era of the franchise created a few years back that exists mostly in books and comics and tells the story of the Jedi at their prime about 200 or so years before the events seen in The Phantom Menace.

Now, in this trailer, we get a good look at the possible Jedi seen in the very first Survivor trailer. Back then he was hanging out in a stasis chamber of some kind. In this new teaser, he’s walking around in his full High Republic Jedi robes and he seems mad that Cal and the other Jedi let the galaxy fall to the Empire. I expect he’s going to be willing to do anything to save the old system, even if it means teaming up with raiders and turning to the dark side of the Force.

Where’s Cal’s Jedi master, Cere?

In this trailer we only get one brief shot of Cere, the Jedi master who helped Cal reconnect with the Force in the last game. She’s sporting a new look, and seems a bit more chill. This ties in with the recent Battle Scars book, in which she’s become focused on reclaiming past relics of the Jedi Order in hopes of passing down its traditions and history to future generations. Maybe she won’t play as big a role in this adventure as last time, but it’s still nice to see her here as she is great and I’d hate for her to be sidelined entirely.

Wait a minute, was that Moraband?

A man walks through a orange dust storm on a weird alien planet.

Screenshot: EA / Respawn / Lucasfilm / Kotaku

At one point in the trailer, we briefly see Cal trekking through a red dust storm on what appears to be a pretty barren world. Now, this could be a brand-new planet. It could be Genosis from the prequels. It could be a planet ripped from a comic I’ve never read. But it also could be Moraband, an ancient planet with deep ties to the evil Sith. It’s appeared in comics and the Clone Wars and it looks an awful lot like what see a glimpse of in the trailer.

Considering the last game let us explore Dathomir, another planet with dark connections to weirder parts of Star Wars, I could see Moraband fulfilling a similar role. And if I was an ancient Jedi seeking to reclaim the galaxy, I might visit some Sith planets to find more power. Just saying!

And that’s the coolest and most interesting bits I picked up from the new trailer. We don’t have long to wait to play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The game’s coming out April 28 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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