7 PC Games You Need To Play During Steam’s Latest Fest

7 PC Games You Need To Play During Steam’s Latest Fest

Screenshot: KO_OP

Online game store Steam kicked off its annual Visual Novel Fest this week and, now until August 14, you’ll have the chance to demo and grab discounts on some of the horniest games humankind could imagine.

Though a dorky band kid reputation—strangely sexual, heavy on the schmaltz, questionably eager to engage in lightly medieval themes—is often ascribed to interactive fiction, you shouldn’t let preconceptions keep you from some of gaming’s most heartfelt and boundary-pushing stories. Visual Novel Fest is stacked, so I narrowed down where to start with seven suggestions.

Keep reading to learn about a few demos and full, free games that will challenge what you think a visual novel can be. I’m admittedly also biased toward aforementioned lightly medieval themes, and I prioritize women protagonists. But, listen, give these games a chance. You might even learn something new about yourself—or cartoon lesbians.

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