8 Things In Star War’s Ashoka Trailer That Has Us Hyped TF Up

8 Things In Star War’s Ashoka Trailer That Has Us Hyped TF Up

Screenshot: Disney / Lucasfilm

These adorable little guys should be in every Star Wars thing. Loth-cats are native to Lothal, an Outer Rim planet that is a key location in the Rebels series, and will clearly be one in Ahsoka, as well. At the start of the reign of the Galactic Empire, Lothal invited the Empire to come take over its industries in the hopes that it would fix its economic struggles. The Empire did, at first, but stripped the planet of all its natural resources and fought off several rebellions. Sucks.

But we’re talking about Loth-cats here. These guys are fucking adorable. Look at their little smushed faces. Their black olive eyThey’re carnivorous little fox-cats that can get quite spicy when cornered, but are also sold as pets in Batuu. There’s a Loth-cat in The Mandalorian, too: It snarls at Grogu from under a table on the planet Sorgan.

It seems Sabine’s Loth-cat is a pet, and a very cute one at that, but I’m excited to see it be a bit of a nuisance, too.

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