A New Way To Get Your Butt Kicked

A New Way To Get Your Butt Kicked

Elden Ring is good. But what if you took the normally third-person action-RPG and turned it into a first-person adventure similar to Skyrim or Fallout? What would that look like? How would it play? Well, a new mod answers all those questions in a slick and well-made manner.

FromSoftware’s giant open-world third-person epic, Elden Ring, is a very good game, to say the least. In fact, you could say 2022 was the year of Elden Ring, with FromSoftware’s latest RPG taking over the world; it seemed like everyone was playing or at least talking about this satisfyingly difficult game. So it doesn’t really need to be changed. What FromSoftware made is already cool and successful. However, that hasn’t stopped modders from tinkering, and a recently released first-person mod might be a great way for veteran Elden Ring players to experience the game again from a new perspective.

First Person Souls Project / FromSoftware

First Person Souls – Full Game Conversion” is the not-so-catchy title of a mod released late last month for the PC version of Elden Ring. As the name implies, this mod changes the entire game and makes it a first-person RPG. While other modders have attempted this before, this is the best implementation of the idea, with the folks behind it spending “many months” making Elden Ring feel right while playing in this radically changed perspective.

The people behind the mod (also referred to as ERFPS) note that it “enhances your first-person experience” with new features, such as custom-created HUD elements, new animations, custom head tracking, attack indicators, smoother running, changes to the player’s movement, and many more modifications to adjust the “overall feel” of Elden Ring.

Since the initial release on March 24, the modders have updated it and fixed issues. They also recently added a more powerful version of Elden Ring’s kick, which is great, as all first-person games need a god-like kick. It’s just fun to smash baddies across a map using your foot.

ERFPS is available to download on Nexus Mods. While it’s currently only for the Windows version of the game, it’s easy enough to set up and you can toggle various of its features, in case you don’t like some of the more drastic, gameplay-related changes.

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