Accessibility concerns arising at Omaha’s new RiverFront Park – The Omaha News
Omaha News

Accessibility concerns arising at Omaha’s new RiverFront Park – The Omaha News

By: Max Garvey

OMAHA, Neb. – The new RiverFront Park in downtown Omaha opened to the public on Aug 23. The $325 million transformational development features scenic walking paths, playground exhibits, and a roller-skating ribbon. Fanfare has been positive since the park’s unveiling, but accessibility concerns have started to arise. 

Omaha’s new RiverFront Park has been a popular hangout for locals since its opening in August. The public area features playgrounds, scenic walking paths, pond decks, and a roller-skating ribbon.  (Photo/Max Garvey)

Proximal parking to the RiverFront Park have been highly limited. Alternative methods of reaching the park are available such as the Metro or ORBT public transit system, and ride share apps such as Uber or Lyft, though at cost, adding to the accessibility concerns of reaching the RiverFront Park.

RiverFront Park security guard, Tavius Fantory feels this frustration along with many Omahans. 

“It’s so hard to park. Even with me, I work here and I’m like ‘where can we park?’ [As employees] We can finally park in the parking lot for free,” said Fantory. 

Omaha citizens are not pleased with the lack of proximal parking by the park’s limits. Public transit is limited to its location, aside from ride-share options. (Photo/Max Garvey)

Former University of Nebraska at Omaha Directory of Urban Studies, Dr. Robert Blair, shared brief insight as to what goes into reforming public parking facilities and how locals might assist in the process. 

“Transportation providers, partner with the planners and help address some of those issues. Don’t wait for things to happen, but actually take proactive step in dealing with these issues,” elaborated Blair. 

No current plans for accessible parking reformation have been announced by the city’s planning board. Omahans have voiced their opinions on the matter and may change this issue sooner than expected. 

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