Another Steam Deck Competitor Might Be Around The Corner

Another Steam Deck Competitor Might Be Around The Corner

Image: Lenovo / Windows Central

If the Steam Deck or ROG Ally have caught your attention but you said “I’d like something more Nintendo Switch-ish,” first I’d tell you not to say the word “Switch-ish.” Then I’d tell you about a possible new Steam Deck competitor from Lenovo called the Legion Go. Portable like the Deck and Ally, it seems like it will also feature Switch-ish (damn it) removable controls and a built-in kickstand.

Valve’s Steam Deck impressed us all with a mini-PC form factor connected to one of the largest PC gaming storefronts out there: Steam. Choosing to run a Linux operating system called SteamOS, however, the Deck has been somewhat restricted in what games it can run, relying instead on an impressive though limited compatibility layer to translate Windows games. While more than enough games run on Valve’s hardware, many a gamer has desired a fully functioning Windows device which would have access to titles the Deck can’t run (or at least run easily), like Destiny 2 or Diablo IV. Asus has made an impressive and largely successful attempt to do so with its ROG Ally, but it looks like it won’t be the only PC manufacturer to deliver a portable solution for PC gamers.

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First reported by Windows Central last month, details about the “Legion Go” indicated that Lenovo’s device would utilize AMD’s Phoenix processor to push pixels to an 8-inch display while running Windows 11—that’s a whole inch larger than the Switch, Deck, and Ally. Go ahead and make your jokes now, you deviants.

A portable gaming device sits against a white background.

Image: Lenovo / Windows Central

Other details like pricing and a potential launch timeframe aren’t known at the moment. But shortly after Windows Central’s first report on the possible device, some images leaked and, it would seem, the device will feature two detachable JoyCon-ish controllers with a kickstand to prop the screen up.

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The rear of a portable gaming device shows off a wide kickstand.

Image: Lenovo / Windows Central

It’s a pretty neat lookin’ device, right? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen PC hardware aim for a Switch-like form factor. Back in 2020, Alienware showed off “Concept UFO,” a conceptual portable gaming device with detachable JoyCon-like controllers.

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Lenovo declined to comment on the this story.

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