Baldur’s Gate 3 Collector’s Edition Reselling For Nearly $2,000

Baldur’s Gate 3 Collector’s Edition Reselling For Nearly $2,000

Copies of Baldur’s Gate 3’s sold-out Collector’s Edition are being purchased on online reseller eBay for up to $1,975 as of this writing. That’s slightly more than seven times as expensive as the developer’s original $270 asking price.

The Collector’s Edition, of which only 25,000 units exist, has been on sale since 2022, though it sold out closer to the game’s August 3 PC release date, toward the end of July.

Now that players have had two weeks with the Dungeons & Dragons-based role-playing game, discovering that it is, as Kotaku senior writer Ethan Gach says, “a sprawling fantasy adventure filled with an overwhelming number of choices that let you spark a civil war one moment and have sex with a bear the next,” they’re battling hard for it.

So hard, apparently, that some fans are willing to drop a month’s worth of rent on BG3’s Collector’s Edition. Currently, eBay shows most units selling for $1,000 or more. Recent sale prices include $1,459, $1,387, and a more modest $1,099. Meanwhile, some enterprising resellers are scrapping the Collector’s Edition for parts, turning its unique dice skin downloadable content into $299.

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The Collector’s Edition, at least, has plenty of parts to spare—in its hefty box, along with digital copies of either the PC or PS5 version of the game, it brings downloads for a bunch of in-game items, including that dice skin, a Mind Flayer diorama, a hardcover art book, and cloth map. It also comes with a sticker sheet, a tadpole keyring that the BG3 website lists explicit instructions to “not insert into brain,” and so much more nerdy catnip.

Am I making you hungry? Are you suddenly overcome with the urge to spend your entire paycheck? You’re in luck. The latest open eBay listings for the Collector’s Edition have finally broken $2,000.


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