Bidding Aksarben Adieu: The Maha Music Festival’s Final Curtain Call Amidst Heat and Storm
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Bidding Aksarben Adieu: The Maha Music Festival’s Final Curtain Call Amidst Heat and Storm

By NowOmaha Magazine

Against the backdrop of an unforgiving summer and the threat of an impending storm, the Maha Music Festival unflinchingly took center stage for its two-day musical extravaganza. The festival, marking its 15th year, saw the Stinson Park pulsating with the energy of approximately 30,000 festival-goers, all soaked in the spirit of Maha’s memorable performances.

A Lineup to Remember

Local and national acts alike captivated the crowds across the festival’s two stages. Local heroes Hakim, BIB, and Icky Blossoms were among the festival’s highlights, with Icky Blossoms’ reunion performance sending fans into a frenzy of anticipation. The Union Pacific main stage was ablaze with talent as artists like The Beths, Alvvays, Turnstile, Peach Pit, and Big Thief had fans swaying and singing along under the scorching sun.

The Silent Disco and Beyond

At the heart of the park, a quirky mix of 19 different community organizations set up booths, adding a rich social tapestry to the festival. The silent disco, sponsored by Nebraska Furniture Mart, saw festival-goers slipping on headphones and grooving to their own rhythm. The return of Benson First Friday added a dash of art and performance, enchanting fans as they walked through the festival’s gates.

Rocking with the Girls

The 10th return of Omaha Girls Rock was nothing short of exceptional, featuring two bands from its recent summer camp. Among the memorable performances was the fiery 15-minute set by the Instrumenting Earthworms, a band of young rockstars using music to challenge societal issues and spread positive messages.

The Maha Mission

Maha’s spirit extends beyond music. A legion of 800 volunteers, dedicated to uplifting the community, reinforced this. Booths hosted by Planned Parenthood and Nebraska Appleseed discussed urgent issues like abortion access and paid sick leave, reflecting the festival’s commitment to sparking meaningful conversations and action.

Battling the Elements

The festival’s run was not without challenges. With temperatures teasing the 100-degree mark on Friday, the festival also faced a storm-induced delay. Yet, once the rain subsided and the sun began to set, the festival picked up where it left off, much to the delight of its patrons. Innovative solutions like mobile water-filling stations provided by First National Bank of Omaha and a cooling tent hosted by Metro Community College helped festival-goers beat the heat.

Farewell to Aksarben

This year’s festival also held a bittersweet significance. It marked the last Maha Music Festival to be held at Stinson Park in Aksarben, its home for the past 13 years. Instead of food trucks, festival organizers encouraged attendees to support local Aksarben Village restaurants, giving a heartfelt farewell to the festival’s longtime location. As Maha prepares to move back to the Omaha riverfront’s Heartland of America Park, the move is greeted with excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.

The Road Ahead

Maha’s transition to the Heartland of America Park signifies a promising new chapter. The new location will offer more space, allowing the festival to expand its community village and accommodate more local acts. The festival’s return to the riverfront, framed by Omaha’s skyscrapers, promises an aesthetic and experiential treat for all attendees.

In its 15th year, the Maha Music Festival may have closed its curtains at Aksarben, but it’s ready for a thrilling encore at its new home. As Maha evolves, it continues to resonate with the rhythm of Omaha, creating an experience that transcends music and seeps into the city’s soul.

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