Bonkers Halo Mario Kart Mod Deserves To Be Its Own Game

Bonkers Halo Mario Kart Mod Deserves To Be Its Own Game

Gif: 343 Industries / InfernoPlus / MintBlitz / Kotaku

The Halo series has had so many legendary vehicles that it’s a wonder we haven’t seen an official racing spin-off by now (no, that Forza Warthog doesn’t count). While players have created no shortage of Forge-crafted mini-games focused on vehicle hijinks, one brave modder has finally given us what we all needed: a full-on kart-racing experience filled with classic Halo characters, weapons, and the most adorable little Warthogs you’ve ever seen.

Halo’s PC modding scene has a storied tradition of unique multiplayer maps, expansive campaigns both new and familiar, and silly mods that serve no function other than to put a smile on your face. “Cursed Halo” is one of those very wacky experiences. In its original form it offered up droopy sniper rifles, absurd multi-passenger Warthogs, Minecraft environments, and other shenanigans. It’s been updated over the years, adding more droopy guns and even karate moves. But now, modder InfernoPlus’ “Cursed Halo Again” arrives with inspiration from another beloved game: Crash Tea—sorry, Mario Kart. Check out its new “Halo Kart” mode in action courtesy of the internet’s very own Halo daredevil, MintBlitz:

343 Industries / InfernoPlus / MintBlitz

As goofy as the concept is, you have to admit this actually looks like a pretty awesome game on its own. The varying weapons (see that blue shell?), classic Combat Evolved physics, Halo characters like Jackals, Elites, and Captain Keys as your competition make for some neat twists and turns. I could see this extending beyond the status of novelty. And I also really like the ability to actually get out of the vehicle and mess around with other drivers. The mod’s “Halo Kart” mode includes a couple different maps pulled directly from the Mario Kart games, so that ought to make for a couple of hours of nonsensical fun.

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If you’d like to check out “Cursed Halo Again” for yourself, all you need is a copy of The Master Chief Collection. A Steam workshop page makes the installation a breeze, otherwise you can follow the instructions on InfernoPlus’ Patreon page.

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