Burger King Is Rolling Out A Spider-Man Whopper Collab

Burger King Is Rolling Out A Spider-Man Whopper Collab

Photo: Burger King

Burger King has revealed a menu item based on the upcoming animated movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and it’s a spider-suit hamburger. The Spider-Man Whopper is based on the film’s lead Miles Morales, but it’s a weird choice because his suit isn’t predominantly red like the Whopper bun is.

For the next few weeks, you can get a Whopper sandwich with a bright red bun and black sesame seeds. All the other sandwich ingredients will remain the same, so you don’t have to get too adventurous to experience this (hopefully) very Instagrammable Whopper.

I have to give whoever came up with this idea some credit. They could have taken the easy way out and simply printed some Spider-Verse art onto the burger box, which would have been the far less risky option. Instead, a Burger King genius bet that the average American would want to put a bright red hamburger into their mouth.

There’s a likely reason why this burger isn’t black like Miles’ suit. The last time Burger King put out a black bun, it caused customers to shit green. Here’s why: food coloring isn’t always completely absorbed in your gut, and darker colors such as black are blended from multiple dye colors. It’s perfectly safe, but the green poop freaked a few people out. The burger chain probably didn’t want a repeat experience.

And you know what? I’m one of those sickos. I am going to buy this burger on the sheer curiosity of whether or not that bun tastes like anything. Realistically, the bun has just been dyed with red food coloring. But what if it actually tastes like ripoff hot Cheetos or tomatoes? I can’t just go my entire life without knowing for sure. So I’ll do it for science.

2023 is a flush year for Spider-Man fans. Across the Spider-Verse may be the most anticipated animated film this year. The first movie was an absolute pleasure to watch, and its willingness to experiment with visual styles was a relief from overly formulaic MCU films. The sequel (which is due next month) will be one of the longest animated films of all time. Sony’s gaming division is also planning to release Spider Man 2 for the PlayStation 5 later this year.

The Whopper will be available from May 15 to June 21. Across the Spider-Verse will be playing in movie theaters on June 2.

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