Destiny 2’s Big Space Nut Finally Shot Something

Destiny 2’s Big Space Nut Finally Shot Something

Destiny 2 players have been waiting for its giant magic alien ball to finally do something for years. Bungie rewarded nearly a decade of patience and passion for its weird sci-fi epic on Thursday with a new Lightfall trailer that shows the Traveler doing something indeed: literally shooting its load.

Revealed during Sony’s latest State of Play, the launch trailer for next week’s expansion previewed large chunks of what will likely be Lightfall’s opening cinematic. Setting up the conflict, we see characters’ ships getting blown up by black pyramids as they try to defend the Traveler. Then the Traveler goes Super Saiyan and melts some enemy ships with a Kamehameha. It’s happening!

If you’ve played Destiny at any point since it launched in 2014, you know what a big moment this is. If not, I will try to explain as quickly and painlessly as I can. Destiny takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where a massive orb from another solar system called the Traveler hovers over Earth’s surface reviving dead people and turning them into space cops.

Players have been serving the orb for years now, playing the same missions over and over again in the hopes of better understanding its power and intentions while dark forces from elsewhere in the galaxy attempt to invade and steal the Traveler’s power for themselves or destroy it. It’s a lot of work. And finally, finally, the Traveler is getting off its ass and pitching in.

OK, that’s not entirely fair. At the start of Destiny 2, the Traveler got pretty messed up. Seasons later it healed itself. And earlier this month it left the surface to join Earth’s orbit. And now, all cleaned up and fashionably late, it’s midnight and the Traveler is ready to join the party. I can’t wait to find out if it’s secretly evil or not.

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