Diablo 4 Build Lets Barbarian Hit For Nearly A Billion Damage

Diablo 4 Build Lets Barbarian Hit For Nearly A Billion Damage

Diablo IV’s Barbarian class has struggled since the game came out two months ago. Even after some recent patches that buffed a few aspects of the character, its endgame doesn’t perform that well compared to other classes. But a streamer has uncovered a busted combo that makes Barbs deal nearly one billion—yes, that’s billion with a “B”—damage to enemies.

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Rob2628 is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber known for making content around Diablo and World of Warcraft. With nearly 100K followers on both platforms and experience going back to 2005, he’s quite knowledgeable about Blizzard’s games. And as someone who’s been making content since Diablo III, Rob2628 seems to know a thing or two about creating OP builds in the loot RPG series. Case in point, the August 8 video in which he showed how his Barbarian slapped Diablo IV’s hardest boss, Uber Lilith, with nearly one billion points of damage.


There’s a lot happening on the screen, but essentially, Rob2628 absolutely murked Uber Lilith. See, in patch 1.1.1 (which dropped on August 8), Blizzard fixed an issue in Diablo IV that prevented the item trait Aspect of Berserk Ripping from causing bleed damage when berserking. The legendary aspect, an offensive enhancement that lets Barbs deal additional bleeding damage when the berserk status effect is active, is part of Rob2628’s ridiculous combo here. The second part is The Barber, a socketable gem you can only pick up during the Season of the Malignant content drop that’s currently underway. This item scales with critical hits, and because some of the Barbs’ skills, such as Combat Lunging Strike, deal critical hit damage, the combo is hella deadly.

To break it down even further: With The Barber equipped, the damage you do to an enemy from a critical strike is absorbed. It doesn’t affect their health (yet), as it’s more like they’re simply holding that pain for you. This stored hurt is then increased by 10 percent per second and, after a few seconds, an area-of-effect attack is triggered as the pocketed damage explodes on the target, totally obliterating their health. This can happen multiple times to a single enemy or to multiple enemies simultaneously, the latter of which is especially helpful if a boss spawns a few worthless trash mobs during the encounter. And that’s what happened during Rob2628’s bout with Uber Lilith. She summoned a few additional enemies, he walloped her with critical strikes while The Barber was equipped, and watched her health get utterly deleted.

Kotaku reached out to Blizzard and Rob2628 for comment.

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This reminds me of that one OP Druid build that dealt two billion points of damage. Unfortunately, Blizzard patched that out, and I’ve no doubt the same thing will happen here. Although every class in the game can use The Barber, it’s nice knowing that Barbarians, one of Diablo IV’s weakest classes, can get some nice benefits from it.


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