Diablo 4’s Most-Played Class ATM Is The Sorcerer

Diablo 4’s Most-Played Class ATM Is The Sorcerer

Illustration: Blizzard

It’s been a couple of weeks since Blizzard’s latest ARPG adventure Diablo 4 opened its hell gates to the public. With players cumulatively logging in “over 276 million hours” into the game, it’s always a fun time to look at something everyone loves: stats! Blizzard has some fun facts to share with us today. What class is the hottest right now? This probably won’t surprise anyone who was following Diablo IV in its beta period, but ladies and gentlemen, it’s the magic-slinging Sorcerer.

This data was revealed by Blizzard in an official Twitter post, where they also revealed some other fun numbers. These include tidbits such as, over 5,000,000 players were slain by the hands of the Butcher, or how 163 hardcore players found their way to level 100. But the big validation here is for the Sorcerer players, who can all celebrate the fact that they joined in on the most popular class. Sorry, Necromancers. It’s the spell slingers on top.

The Sorcerer is a strong class so it’s not entirely surprising that this choice is one of the more popular ones in the game. The class has a number of high-performing builds, such as an Ice Shards Sorcerer build or an Arc Lash Sorcerer build. Classes like the Druid were probably never going to top the charts, although you could have made an argument that the Necromancer or even Rogue should have slash could have been the more popular pick. Regardless, it’s the Sorcerer that reigns supreme.

But the Sorcerer doesn’t necessarily outperform the other classes in this game, nor does it fall behind. There are strong builds for each class, and the popularity of the Sorcerer doesn’t mean it overshadows the other classes in the game. (Especially not you, my baby Necromancer.)

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