Diablo IV Will Release Story Updates Every Three Months

Diablo IV Will Release Story Updates Every Three Months

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Blizzard has recently expanded on the kinds of updates that Diablo IV fans can expect to see after launch. The developers say they are adding story content to the base game every three months. Diablo IV will also have a battle pass some time after the game is released.

Diablo’s director Joseph Piepiora told Game Informer that the game will receive “meaty updates” every three months, which contain “new storylines tied to fresh mechanics and features.” The game is also getting a battle pass with free and paid tiers. He cited the popularity of Diablo III’s seasonal updates as the reason why the team wanted to implement live service elements from the beginning. This update cadence sounds like a huge ongoing content commitment to what already sounds like a massive endgame. Diablo III has been receiving updates since August 2014, including an expansion and a recreation of the original game, and it’s currently on its 28th season. Blizzard told Game Informer that it intends to support Diablo IV for many years, and pointed to its predecessor’s nine years of updates as proof of their commitment to keeping the game alive.

Diablo IV | Into the Endgame

The story updates will work alongside larger plans to keep players hooked. On April 5, Blizzard posted a video that showed players how the endgame would work. “There is never going to be an absence of something to do,” said Ash Sweetring, a Diablo producer. While I’m sure that she meant it in a positive way, I can’t help but feel a little fatigued already. Piepiora expanded further. He said that after players finish the main campaign, they have a “capstone dungeon” to complete—which opens up “world tiers.” These tiers appear to be new difficulty modes that reward you for taking down tougher enemies.

“Whether you’re a fan of dungeons, PVP, or just roaming around the world, there’s a way to continue your Diablo adventure long after you hit the max level,” said Piepiora. Some of those endgame features include a bounty-giving tree that issues quests, nightmare items that allow you to upgrade to nightmare dungeon difficulty, and PvP combat in the Field of Hatred (where you can be attacked by players while trying to purify a cosmetic currency). Just like hell, it sounds like Blizzard wants to keep you in Diablo as long as possible.

“Launch is just the beginning,” said the director. “One of the things that we’re really focused on is creating a living, breathing set of updates for players to engage with after the game has gone live.”

Diablo IV will be released on June 6.

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