Disney Fans Sell Splash Mountain Water For $150 After Closure

Disney Fans Sell Splash Mountain Water For $150 After Closure

Photo: Kotaku / Valentina Antuganova (Shutterstock) / Bryan R. Smith (Getty Images)

Popular Disney World ride Splash Mountain—based on animated scenes from the controversial 1960s Disney film, Song of the South—has shut down. A lot of people loved the ride, which dated back to 1992, so it makes sense that yesterday, Disney adults and superfans alike crowded the park all in an effort to ride Splash Mountain one last time. Some of them even scooped up some water from that last day, and are now trying to sell the stuff online via auction site eBay, asking up to $150 for a single jar.

Splash Mountain, one of Disney World’s most popular and famous rides, closed yesterday after 30 years of operation. This wasn’t surprising. Disney announced this shutdown back in 2020 and explained that the ride would be repurposed into a similar log flume ride based on the 2009 animated film, The Princess and the Frog, a movie that, unlike Song of the South, isn’t so horrifically racist that Disney has buried it in a vault, never to see the light of day again.

Regardless of how you feel about the ride’s origins, Splash Mountain was an iconic attraction and a popular one, too. So, of course some grifters are trying to take advantage of people’s nostalgia. As spotted by various folks on Twitter, people who claim to have been at Splash Mountain yesterday are now trying to sell water from their historic last ride.

A screenshot shows multiple eBay listings for Splash Mountain water.

Screenshot: eBay / Kotaku

On eBay, I’ve found well over a dozen different users trying to sell different amounts of “Splash Mountain water.” Some prices are fairly low—a few bucks or less—which almost seems reasonable until you remember it’s a tiny bag (or bottle) of dirty H2O from a ride that likely changed its water every few weeks. (That’s assuming the seller isn’t lying, of course.) Other eBay listings aren’t as cheap, with some asking for $50, $100, or even $150 for just a small amount of water that, supposedly, came from Splash Mountain’s final day of operation.

The trend’s gotten big enough that a few people are posting obviously false joke items for thousands of dollars. But then, I also found someone trying to sell Splash Mountain Water from 2021 (long before it closed) for $1,000, which could be a joke, but also seems genuine. This is a very strange planet we live on, huh?

For those of you reading this and thinking “Hey, I wish I had some water from Splash Mountain’s final day of operation?” well, that’s odd, but also don’t buy this stuff. Instead, just go to Disneyland in California, where the ride is still operating (for now), and bottle up some of your very own Splash Mountain liquid. Cut out the middleman, save some money, and have a nice vacation, too.

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