Drake Now Owns Pharrell Williams’ $20,000 Golden PlayStation

Drake Now Owns Pharrell Williams’ $20,000 Golden PlayStation

Hi, welcome, let’s take a break from industry news and global doom and talk about a rap video and very, very expensive PlayStation Portable handheld.

Producer, rapper and anime enthusiast Pharrell Williams was, a very long time ago, slightly notable for owning a 14-karat gold Blackberry (I told you it was a very long time ago). In 2008, to keep the theme going, he bought a PSP and “commissioned a 14K gold PSP casing to replace the stock plastic”.

This shinier, much heavier PSP (coming in at 660g vs a stock PSP’s 280g) wasn’t designed to just carry around in his pockets; to complement the extravagance of the handheld itself—which wasn’t jewellery, he was still using it to play games on—Pharrell also had a custom Goyard case made up.

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Why am I telling you this now, in 2023? Partly because I only just found out about it, and thought the idea of Pharrell Williams owning a golden PlayStation Portable is about the most “Last Days Of Rome” act of pre-GFC extravagance I can think of sharing on this website in a feature that’s all about video game history.

I’m also telling you this in 2023 because that very same PSP just turned up in a new Drake video, after the Canadian rapper spent a few million bucks buying some of Pharrell’s old stuff—mostly jewellery—at auction. The PSP is visible just a few seconds in, gets waved at the screen around 0:50 and gets very close to the camera at 1:29:

Drake – Jumbotron Shit Poppin (Official Music Video)

If you’d like to see more pics of the PSP, here’s the auction listing (on Pharrell’s own auction site), which shows that it sold last year for $19,375

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