Elden Ring Modder Crams Demon’s Souls’ Best Level Into The Game

Elden Ring Modder Crams Demon’s Souls’ Best Level Into The Game

Elden Ring modders just can’t stop tampering with FromSoftware’s latest Soulslike, adding all kinds of crazy things from jets and tanks to flying brooms and pocket monsters. While The Lands Between is already an expansive location to die in, prolific Souls modder Dropoff has added a familiar location to the game, one that long-time FromSoft stans will probably remember very well.

The latest mod from Dropoff, a YouTuber who periodically posts videos of the absolutely bonkers stuff he creates for Souls games, recreated Demon’s Souls Boletarian Palace within the world of Elden Ring. Many of their creations are unhinged fever dreams, for example, they put Shrek in Dark Souls 2, made GTA: San Andreas’ Carl “CJ” Johnson a playable Elden Ring character, and added Dark Souls 1 armor sets to Demon’s Souls, among other things.

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Rise Tarnished, let’s go back to Souls’ past

Shared by Elden Ring dataminer Sekirodubi on Twitter, Dropoff ported the iconic Demon’s Souls level to Elden Ring. Exactly how Dropoff did this remains a mystery, but as evidenced by their YouTube video below, the recreation looks incredible. Sure, it’s littered with exile soldiers, and hyper-aggressive, cloak-wearing, shield-bearing goons hellbent on guarding castles, but the nostalgic vibes are on point for anyone with the faintest memory of Boletarian Palace.


Boletarian Palace (also called World 1-1) is where you learn what you’re in for. It’s Demon’s Souls’ first real location, the spot you end up after dying to the Vanguard tutorial boss before leaving the hub known as The Nexus. A huge stone castle featuring ramparts, stairs, and enough rooms that not even Siri could give you directions out of, Boletarian Palace is your Demon’s Souls initiation see if you can withstand the game’s exorbitant punishment. Dropoff’s rendition of the location has a few key differences, most notably the exile soldiers all over the place and the sun rays that down on the typically dour stone walls, but otherwise, this looks like a faithful recreation of Boletarian Palace.

Kotaku reached out to Dropoff for comment.

There’s really no telling what Elden Ring players will get up to in this game that keeps on giving. The Lands Between is rife with nooks and crannies to explore, and modders love bending the game’s code to their will. It’ll be cool to see how much players continue to alter Elden Ring as we await the DLC, which is expected to dig into Malenia’s off-screen Empyrean brother, Miquella.


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